Gatlinburg On the Road to Recovery

Last week, the resort town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee was up in flames due to a forest fire. The fire left 14 fatalities, 80 citizens injured, 875 structures destroyed, and Gatlinburg on the road to recovery. The reason behind the fire’s power is due to the extreme drought and wind conditions, pushing the flames down the Smokey Mountains. The wildfire was determined human caused and is currently under investigation. Several tourist and those who lived in the cabins near Gatlinburg were to evacuate the area immediately, but with power lines, trees, and structures laying on the road, the journey to escape became difficult.

Tennessee’s beloved amusement park Dollywood received minimum damage and the park’s founder, Dolly Parton is currently organizing a telethon to help with the reconstruction of Gatlinburg. Workers of Ripley Aquarium were forced to leave the animals in the facility behind. The tanks inside the building receive filtered water and can operate 24 hours without supervision, luckily the aquarium wasn’t harmed during the fire. The town is to reopen this Friday but officials report that it will take years for the town to be restored to its former glory.


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