Getting Ready for Keystones

As we all know, Keystones are just next week. These tests that we all of looked to in fear are relentlessly coming up fast. The thing that we haven’t truly thought of, however, is how to prepare for the upcoming havoc that comes hand-in-hand with the large tests. We all hear the same things; eat breakfast, study, get a good night’s rest, but trying to do all of that when you have stuff going on is very hard to do.

At first, make sure you can be in contact with those who can keep you in a good mood before the tests. A perky perspective can help keep a human awake even when they are distracted or bored. Next, be sure you do not drink coffee. Only natural sugar. High amounts of caffeine can and will make you crash later on, most likely during your taking of the test.

Finally, be sure of yourself. Being unsure of your skills and knowledge will make your mind think the same thing as well, even if you actually know what you’re looking at. Confidence can provide more than just positive self-assurance. It could be the difference between a Basic and a Proficient. Just try your best and be sure of yourself, and everything will come through in the end.

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