Gismondi Center for Media Arts One Year Later

It has been a year since the Gismondi Center for Media Arts was established at Uniontown High School.  This was made possible thanks to generous donation by alumnus Mr. John Gismondi.  This enhanced our digital media technology and gave students access to state of the art equipment.  You can to give us the boost our school needed to advance technologically. Throughout the year a lot has changed in the best way possible. Many students have learned to use the equipment and utilize their skills in many different activities such as daily news announcements, broadcast news segments, sports team highlight videos, and senior class segments including Decision Day and Senior Superlatives.

Several student produced videos have placed in the PA Press Club state competition including:

Students in Mrs. Marzano’s video production course will be submitting entries in the Digital Media Arts Consortium competition held at Robert Morris University.  The purpose of this competition is to recognize and showcase the outstanding student work in digital media and to encourage students to work toward excellence.  The student festival will be held in April.

You can learn more about the technologies available in the media center at

Click on the projects page for a sampling of some of the student’s most recent projects.

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