Global Warming

Global warming is a huge problem in the world right now. Global warming is when the gases reach our atmosphere and causes differences in our weather. Global warming is also called climate change and this affects every body more than we know. When we burn fuel our trees can’t take enough carbon dioxide in so the rest goes to are atmosphere where it stays.

Global warming affects us in ways like melting ice caps in the Arctic and affect animals like polar bears, seals, and penguins. This can leave them without a home and cause them to die. The hot places like the desert will get even hotter and in the jungle it can cause fires which also can cause more animals without homes.

What can we do? We can cut down on the use of coal and wood burning. After we cut down trees we can plant five new ones. We can use our cars less and bike if you can. Or we can use electric cars and use windmills to create clean energy. We need to stop the world from dying and we are killing the earth quicker than it can handle.

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