Go Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Are you ready to spread Autism Awareness? Autism is a mental condition, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. National Autism Awareness Month represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness, autism acceptance and to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year.  April is the month to learn, help, and understand everyone who is dealing with Autism. We the Staff at Tomahawk Talk support Autism Awareness! April 2nd is also National Autism Awareness Day.

You can help to support Autism by wearing the color blue throughout the month of April as a reminder to others that Autism is a disorder we can cure together. Some ways you can fight for a cure for autism is, by signing up for a “Autism Speaks Walk” in your local area. In our Pittsburgh area there is a walk on the date of June 12, 2016, and last year they managed to raise over $136,139! And if you are unable to attend the walk in Pittsburgh, a simple donation could change the life of a child who is diagnosed with Autism.

We at Tomahawk Talk are proud to educate the local community about Lighting up Blue for Autism Awareness. By spreading Autism Awareness in schools it is a great way to celebrate April, and promote acceptance in the classroom and beyond in the outside world.  The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autism is now common for every one in every 68 children in America.

Autism Speaks

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