Golf Season is in Full Swing

The golfers at Uniontown high school have a record of 5 to 1, with only one loss against Carmichaels.  There are a total of nine golfers on the team and there is only one senior this year. The golf team is in a new section this year. In the past they used to be in AAA, now they are in  AA. The golf team only plays a total of nine holes instead of your normal eighteen. In golf the lowest score wins.

The team’s senior Danae Rugola has made a big impact on how the team has progressed. She tied the schools course record shaving two points from her previous low score of 33 at their home course Duck Hollow Golf Club.  Greg Franko shot a 31, 4 under par at Duck Hollow in 2001.  Greg Franko and Luke Wallace tied overall with a 5 under par at Carmichaels and Cedarbrook, respectively.  So far in the seasons she has scored three under par with her best score of a 33 this year at Duck Hollow. This year is the first time that the golf team has siblings on the team with both of them being starters and both are females. Danae has the first spot on the team and right behind her is her little sister Adena. The girls seem to enjoy playing golf with each other.  I asked both girls “What is the best part about playing with your sister?” Danae said “My sister is a good golfer and pushes me to become better.” Adena said “It gives me something to work for because I really want to beat her every time we play.

Danae has been playing golf for eleven years and Adena has been playing eight years. Adena was inspired to start playing golf once she saw Danae start to play she wanted to be like her sister. Danae’s favorite part about being able to golf is “She gets to meet new people and likes the competitive environment.



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