Where are They Now: Greg VanSickle

Greg VanSickle, is a 2015 Uniontown graduate. Greg was very involved at Vo-tech and competed in Hershey for Electrical Construction. After graduation, Greg enlisted into the Air Force and he is currently stationed in Missouri.

What were your favorite classes in high school? I really enjoyed going to Vo-tech

Who were some of your favorite teachers? Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Hager (both of them), and Mr. Rossi at tech

What sports or extra-curricular activities were you involved in? I did cross-country for a year, but focused my time at tech

Do you still talk to any of your friends from high school? No, it’s hard to communicate with old friends when I live halfway across the country.

What are some of your favorite memories from high school? Skills USA

Did you further your education and if so, where? Yes, the United States Air Force (USAF)

What is life like for you now, do you have a family, where do you work? Life has been pretty good to me. I work for the USAF as a weapons loader. I currently have a wife and a daughter, Aleah, and another baby on the way.


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