Habits for Good

Following are several tips for developing good habits as a high school student:

  • A good sleep schedule can help you accomplish a lot in life. It helps you focus more in school so you can stay up to do your classwork.
  • Taking good notes will help you so much. Some of us have a short memory so taking notes is very beneficial for some. Taking notes also makes it easier to study.
  • Set specific goals you can lead up to. If you set goals it will make you more eager to work and to accomplish the goal. No matter how little or big the goal is, it’s still a step forward in the right direction.
  • Showing up to school on a daily basis is also necessary. Showing up to school will help make sure you don’t fall behind in your classes, especially your core courses
  • Volunteering or obtaining a job, so you learn working skills early. You need to develop these skills early, or you may never get them.
  • Do an extra activity, such as a sport or a club may help. Those will look good on your college application. They will know you are a dedicated, and a determined student, and they will want you to be apart of their school.

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