Halloween Movies To Watch This Year

In most homes during this time of year, people are binge watching scary movies and drinking hot chocolate. But what movies are the best to watch?

Hocus Pocus, one of the classics, is probably one of the best Halloween movies ever created. In the movie, Max Dennis moves to Salem, Massachusetts and explores an abandoned house with his sister Dani and a friend, Allison. While there, Max accidentally sets free a coven of witches and the new team has to stop them before they can become immortal.

Another is Halloweentown. When Marnie and her kids follow their grandmother to Halloweentown, they find out that they descend from a family of witches. While there, they find that darkness is looming over the town and they are the only ones that can stop it.

A new Halloween movie is Hubie Halloween. It is a new comedy on Netflix. In this modern-day film, a community volunteer finds himself investigating a real murderer on October 31, in Salem, Massachusetts.

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