Hamilton Field Trip 2019

On Friday January 25th, UHS students had the opportunity to see the award winning Broadway show Hamilton at the Benedum Center for Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, PA. Now if you’re not familiar with this masterpiece written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, it takes you through the the life of our first U.S. treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton. Winning 11 Tonys and nominated for 16, this show is full of war, love, scandal, and loss. This show also breaks the “musical” stereotype with involving different musical genres with the main one as hip-hop/rap. It also shows diversity in the roles that everyone can be a character in this story no matter the color of their skin.  This show is a Non-Stop success.

In November, students at UHS got the opportunity to sign up for this with Mrs. Pearson and pay a fee of $20 dollars. Every student was given a booklet that had information and provided resources for the students. Then each student was required to create a two minute long poem, rap, song or monologue inspired by a historical figure and event from the founding period. One of our very own students got to perform on the stage, and that student is senior Emily Friend.  Emily wrote about the British influence on America. How colonists are to follow British etiquette, yet  when their etiquette showed to be full of murder and unfair treatment to the colonists.

Before Hamilton, some may not have known who the founding father was other than seeing him on the 10 dollar bill. He was less known until Lin-Manuel Miranda started reading the biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Chernow’s book inspired Miranda to started to write Hamilton taking about seven years in the making and one song took about four years to write. On May 12th 2009 Miranda performed the rap Alexander Hamilton for Former president Barrack Obama which later became the opening number we all know and love. On July 13th 2015, Miranda started releasing previews of Hamilton on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre but officially opened August 6th 2015 and since then people can’t get enough of this show.

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