Hearts of Iron 4 Game Review

Hearts of Iron 4 is a strategy game that can be set before or at the start of WW2. You can get the game on Steam. You have the ability to pick any country you want that was in the 1900s. The game is also multiplayer and you can do a the history line or change it up. You make allies also and create your own empire.

The game is not only a strategy game but also one that you can control a country. The game can only be played on computers, The game has tons of mechanics in it. The game offers the ability to expanded your country. While doing this you also have to take care of your nation because you may face more problems than you want such as different government parties, rebellions, and loss of territory. These make the game really exciting and helps you learn more to help you.

The game is more fun when you play with a friend. this game helps you learn more about strategies of war, writing peace deals in the game, getting allies and attacking and defending. This type of game also requires patience as you can’t go to war right away. The game can also be addicting as you play on you want to keep playing. You can make your own history.

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