Hockey Team Hits the Ice

Uniontown Area High School is known for it’s Athletic programs; Football, Swimming, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, and Softball. Many people are not familiar with our Hockey Team. In Fayette County students from Uniontown, Laurel Highlands, Brownsville, and
Connellsville play together on combined county team called the Connellsville Falcons. Now that is the name of all Connellsville school teams but the reason they are Falcons is because of their home rink location which is the Ice Mine in Connellsville. Three UHS students are on the team including Logan Maust (Junior) and Gavin O’Brien (Freshman) and Jesse Jeffries (Freshman). Logan is a member of the varsity team while Jesse and Gavin are on junior varsity.

We interview them to find out how their season is going. Logan has been playing hockey for 12 years, Gavin for six, and Jesse for four. Logan said his season is going well but for Gavin and Jesse it’s been the opposite. That doesn’t stop them from scoring goals, and we wanted to know how they felt after scoring that special first goal. Logan said it felt great, Gavin said he felt relieved and Jesse said he felt excited and full of energy right after. When you play hockey your allowed to get physical with other players on the ice, sometimes it can become excessive and results in a penalty. We asked them on average how many times they have been in the penalty box. Logan had the least with two to three times, Gavin with 25 and Jesse with 50 to 60. We then asked which professional hockey player is their role model. Jesse said probably Sidney Crosby because he’s a good person, Gavin said Evgeni Malkin and Logan said he doesn’t have one because he respects all pro athletes. Hockey is such a fun sport and some people don’t want it to end after high school so we asked them if they planned on playing after high school. Gavin said yes, Logan stated that he’ll probably run cross country instead and Jesse saying yes but we’ll have to see.

Their next home games are Tuesday, February 12th for Logan and the Varsity and Thursday, February 14th for Gavin, Jesse, and the rest of the JV. You also can go vote to help the Ice mine win renovate the rink contest where they will win a grand prize of $100,000 to renovate. Visit to support the rink. Voting ends on February 22nd.

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