Homecoming Queen 2018

The homecoming representatives for the class of 2019 were Mykelyn Gibson, Larissa Holloman, Danae Rugola, Ivy Sepesy, and Hannah Walkos. All of the girls were given a week to convince the  students why they should they vote for them. The girls had a bunch of posters hang up all throw out the hallways. Some of the girls tried and convince people my bribing them with free cookies or donuts. All of the girls put in a great deal of efforts to try and win.  The recipient of this years crown is Mykelyn Gibson.

Mykelyn was crowned on September 21, 2018 during the football game.  Mykelyn was a representative for homecoming for all four years of being in high school. Her grandfather Donald Sampey walked her down the field. I asked Mykelyn how she felt when she won and what was her favorite part about campaigning. Mykelyn said “I feel very honored to be the 2018/2019 homecoming queen, thanks to all my friends that have voted for me throughout all four years of high school. My favorite part about having the campaign this year is that it gave all the other representatives a chance to have other people vote for them. Lastly, I would like to thank my grandfather, Donald Sampey for walking me down every year and for being the best escort I could ask for.”

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