Hometown High Q

The Uniontown Area High school Academic League went to Pittsburgh for the Hometown High Q challenge. They competed against two other schools, Bentworth and Central Valley. Team members are Brody Smith, Nolan Ranker, and Carson McClintock. It was set at the KDKA News Room in Pittsburgh. You can watch it on October 12th at 11:00 am and on October 19th at 11:30 am on channel 2.

After all the questions were answered and completed sadly Uniontown came out with a lose. Uniontown was the fastest and had the most answers completed. They all were amazing but some of the equipment they used were sticky and “the buzzer was laggy” said Nolan. This was the first time these students participated in the Hometown High Q challenge. All of the other schools had at least one student who was a returning for a second year participating in Hometown High Q. “Over all we had a nice time”, said Brody. Carson said, “There should be refreshments next time”.

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