Honors Civics Debate

Mrs. Howard’s honors civics class had a debate on different subjects. The topics they debated on are: Video games & Violence, Abolishing the death penalty, School Uniforms, Banning abortion, “Under God” in the pledge, Lowering the drinking age, Building “The Wall”, Medical Marijuana, Increasing minimum wage, and against concealed carrying of fun.

For the topic Video games & Violence Jayden Thomas debated against the bill saying that video games do not have influences to violence. Emilee Friend debated that video games have major violent influences on people. For Abolishing the death penalty Hannah Layton and Karleigh Risha debated on the bill. Maggie Kovachs and Brittney Bryson debated on if students should have to wear school uniforms or not Maggie was against it and Brittney was for it. For the Banning abortion topic Macey Humbert was against the bill saying that abortion should be a choice, and Kaylena Harell was against the bill say that abortion is wrong. Kate Sharp and Victoria Wozniak debated on the bill to take the phrase “Under God” out of the pledge. Victoria debated for it to be taken out saying that church and state are supposed to be separated and Kate debated for it to stay in saying that its not religious it is a pledge to our country. Aaron Shimko and Jeff Malaspino debated on lowering the drinking age. Luke Patton and Dante Vallango debated on building “the Wall” which was about whether or not the wall separating the United States and Mexico should be built. Daniel Wilkinson and Sam Killinger debated on whether medical marijuana should be legal or not. Bridger Cameron and Alec Schambach debated upon whether minimum wage should be increased or not. Lastly Raelyn Cannady and Marissa Muchnok debated on concealed carrying of guns.

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