Horoscopes: November 26 – December 2

Horoscopes for November 26 ā€“ December 2 from astrology.com

Aries- You can’t solve their problems in a day. Your family just wants to know that you care. Midweek, the tides are going to turn in your favor. Expect some romance. Expect some energizing competition of a physical nature.

Taurus- Wednesday will bring problems of a more annoying nature — a power struggle is seriously going to test your tolerance — but if you say as little as possible and let this other person live out their own drama, you will come out perfectly unscathed. By the end of the week, your luck with others is going to change. You’re about to get struck by Cupid’s arrow. Make sure you’re in plain sight.

Gemini- The wisest thing through midweek and possibly later — until the next wave of cash comes in — is to be a little cheap. Don’t rush out and buy that fancy new whatever-it-is. Eat at a pizza place instead of a French place. Et cetera. By week’s end, you’ll realize that you don’t need to drop a lot of dough in order to have a really great time.

Cancer- Follow your strongest impulses, even when you have slight reservations. Your intuition is strong and should be trusted. Toward the middle of the week, you’ll be feeling a little more bold. Extravagant, even. You may even make a big purchase. (No bargain shopping for you — not this week.) This weekend, expect back-to-back great days.

Leo- early this week someone is going to thank you profusely for something you thought was a no-brainer. In an unexpected way, you are going to be at the center of the spotlight all this week. It will be as if everyone else is a minor character in a movie all about you. Not that you mind. By the weekend, you might decide to lay low and spend some time blissfully doing nothing at all.

Virgo- don’t be shy about taking control, especially by midweek. People look to you for this kind of thing. That said, you should be flexible. Brute force is never going to fly. (You know this, but it’s important to be reminded, especially this week.) Once you’ve gotten everything all squared away, you’ll be the focus of everyone’s admiration, and it’ll feel great.

Libra- Things are going to be a bit scrambled until midweek and possibly later. The people you thought were with you on this are going to act cloudy and aloof, and the people you thought were aloof are going to be way more engaged than you thought.

Scorpio- You can get virtually anything you want, so long as you play your cards right. The problem is, the cards you get by midweek are going to be pretty tough, so it’s going to take some shrewd card-playing to make them work in your favor. Still, if anyone can do it, you can. The best strategy is to play it modest, especially at the end of the week.

Sagittarius- You have romance on the brain — or more accurately, the recent lack thereof — and instead of sharing your feelings with a good friend you’re probably going to get a little philosophical and turn inward. That works, too. An awful lot of fuss is made about how people should always share their feelings when the truth is that people who are constantly sharing their feelings can get a bit tedious.

Capricorn- Expect bizarre extremes in energy and in the emotions you inspire in others, especially on Thursday. (Why are people so dramatic? It’s endlessly baffling.) Even when things don’t exactly go your way, you’re pretty good at keeping your composure. People have noticed that.

Aquarius- As a general rule, you don’t overreact when things don’t go your way. It is the nature of things to change when you least expect it. And it is crucial to be flexible. A power struggle with an authority figure midweek is going to force you to come to some sort of compromise, but keep in mind that compromise is healthy and often brings about a better end anyway.

Pisces- You should be thinking about things like work and what you’re going to do about a certain pesky coworker. If at all possible by week’s end, try to stay focused at work so that when you’re not at work you don’t have to think about it at all. This weekend is going to be all you and you-know-who, all the time. It will be a terrific weekend

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