As an Aries you are likely to be a naturally outgoing person who genuinely enjoys the company of others. If you have a talent which you are particularly proud of, why not combine these two aspects of your personality and teach others your skills? Your gregarious nature will help students relate to you and make it easier for them to learn and you will gain a feeling of accomplishment by giving back something to the community.

Try not to rely on others too much today. You’ll be better crossing things off your to-do list on your own. You might hope to delegate certain chores or tasks but today those around you could be distracted or unmotivated. Just handle things for yourself right now and put in that extra time. You’ll feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that your hard work and dedication got things done.
If there’s been something that you’ve been wanting to take on, today’s the day. Yesterday saw an increase in physical and mental strength, and this continues for you today. Put any insecurities or lack of confidence to the side and take the steps necessary to tackle the project or goal. Trust your innate ability to make sound judgments. Take steps to get what you want.
Disturbing occurrences regarding a friend might have you feeling a bit confused and exhausted. The situation isn’t anything that you or anyone else could have planned, so expect a lot of conversation with others, trying to make sense of it all. It should be resolved in one way or another within the next few days, but in the meantime, try to view it objectively. You might also want to distract yourself, focus on a hobby or exercise to get some space.
Taking the easy way out won’t tempt you in the least today. This is not to say that you favor this approach by any means yet, it’s safe to say that everyone is tempted from time to time. Not so for you on this day however as the planetary aspects will lend strength to taking all of the steps necessary however long they may be. If a partner tries to convince you otherwise, stand your ground. You’ll benefit in the long run.
There could be some confusion, discord and upset in the air today. There are likely to be arguments and misunderstandings amongst friends and family. Try not to add more fuel to the fire. If the person in front of you is getting a little hot under the collar, simply listen and agree. Choose to be understanding and empathetic instead of jumping in and proving that you are right – especially if you are!
With the planetary alignment of the day your creativity will be at its peak, so trying new and unusual things will not only be quite easy for you, you’ll also enjoy it immensely. You may discover a unique approach to an old problem or a new problem in need of a creative solution. These things will seem almost effortless for you today. Allow yourself to explore your limits. You may find that your creativity knows no bounds.
A vivid and intense dream of someone whom you care for and that you haven’t seen for ages could come to you tonight. The aura surrounding the dream is likely to be a happy one. It might be an attempt on the part of this person to communicate with you, so take the content seriously. You might want to ring this person up, assuming you have their number. Or you might try finding them on the Internet. Good luck!
Your creativity might be stimulated today by thoughts of an exciting evening ahead. Of course, you can try and save this urge up for tomorrow, but you may not feel the same way by then. Don’t waste the time at your disposal. You can be creative even in any setting. Apply your creativity to a task at hand that may be accomplished more to your satisfaction when you try a faster or more exciting way to get it done. Surprise yourself!
Friends from far away could ring you up and let you know they’re coming to your area for a visit. You’ll be happy to hear this, and might decide to go through your home like wildfire and scour it from top to bottom. Family members could participate – albeit under protest! Still, everyone should be looking forward to this visit. Expect a number of discussions as to what to do when it happens. Have fun!
Today you might want to try something completely new. If you have never done this before, why not try expressing yourself through dance? Even if you’re convinced you have about as much talent as a box of lead, you might surprise yourself. Whatever your style, there’s a type of dancing that you won’t feel totally foolish attempting – whether it’s as simple as the two-step or as complex and flamboyant as flamenco. You’ll feel great about yourself and besides, it is good.
Today you can expect some noticeable changes in your near neighborhood. Probably some new neighbors who could become your friends could be moving in. This could alter your life ever so subtly, turning it in a more positive direction than before. You could click with these new people immediately, realizing that they share a lot of your interests. Don’t over analyze this situation, but don’t write it off as coincidence either. Just make the most of it!

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