Houston Astros Scandal

The reigning World Series champs have been accused of cheating during the 2018-2019 season in which they won the World Series. Many people have already spoke out about the scandal including LeBron James and others. The MLB has fined the team 5 million dollars which is the maximum under the current rules and they also have to forfeit their next two first and second round draft picks. The team has made public apologies but no one is happy with how this has played out and professional athletes from all sports are outraged.

The Astros would use outfield cameras and focus on the catcher and see what signs he would use for the pitcher. They used film from the last two seasons so they could figure out most of the signs for most of the teams. If you don’t know much about baseball the catcher gives signals to the pitcher so he knows what pitch is coming before it happens. So the Astros knowing the signs would also know the pitch that was coming making it much easier to hit. And it obviously worked since they won the World Series.

Players around the league don’t think that the punishment that they received was harsh enough and might take action into their own hands. Pitchers around the league are expecting to purposely hit the batters of the Astros to get their own revenge for being cheated. They think a batter will be hit about every other game in the 2020 season, the over under number is about 83.5. The league made a statement saying that the intent of hitting Astros’ batters will not be allowed but there isn’t much that they can do except just kick them out for the game.


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