How Do Uniontown Students Feel About the COVID-19 Vaccine?

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widely available for those above the age of 16, teens and adults must make an important decision: Should I be vaccinated? After a small survey, a few students at Uniontown Area high School have voiced their opinions on this controversial topic.

Of the eight students who responded to the survey,  four said that they have chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Caitlin Michelangelo, a senior here at Uniontown, shared her reasoning: “I got the COVID-vaccine because overall, it made me feel less anxious and paranoid. There is no way to hide from the virus, but I definitely think the vaccine is something close enough to get closure from being safe for yourself and for others,” she explained. Furthermore, Michelangelo stated that she receives a flu vaccination every year. “Just because the COVID vaccine is new, it’s not any different from the flu vaccine.” Junior Brooklyn Williams, another student who has been vaccinated, simply states that she “would much rather deal with any side effects of the vaccine than deal with the risks of COVID.”

The remaining responses were given from students who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine and may or may not plan on getting it in the future. Junior Titan Livingood justifies his decision to remain unvaccinated: “It takes time to perfect vaccines and looking at the survival rate of young patients, I don’t think it’s necessary for young people to get it.” Likewise, junior Kate Jacobs believes that the vaccine is too new to be trusted. “It’s a new vaccine and hasn’t been tested completely”, Jacobs said. “There could be many side effects to it.” Ryleigh Kelley, another junior at Uniontown, explained why she’s chosen not to receive the vaccine now but is open to getting it in the future. “I personally haven’t chosen to partake in the vaccine for a few reasons,” Kelley stated, “My main reason being that I’m not sure what reaction I would have to it. With that being said, in the future when there is more research on it, I do consider getting it!”

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