How Green Is Your Horoscope?

Aries-Use that fiery, red nature of yours to go green, Aries. Bicycle instead of drive whenever possible; it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and does your body a world of good. Be a warrior for change — plant trees along a traffic-choked street to soak up CO2, run a marathon to raise money to clean up toxic waste dumps, or organize a five-day walk across your state to demand action on global warming. And, be sure to recycle your water bottles along the way! 

Taurus-You’re naturally connected to the land, Taurus. You’ll communicate a message of earth stewardship by using recycled materials when remodeling, and using natural fertilizers and pesticides in the garden. Try installing attractive eco-resin wall panels or pressed recycled newspaper pulp kitchen counters. Even better, build a natural home super-insulated with straw bales. And, eat less red meat — cow-generated methane is the second most significant greenhouse gas. 

Gemini-You’re a natural educator, Gemini. People follow your example. Become “carbon neutral” by carpooling with co-workers or classmates. Since you’re always on the phone, switch to a socially conscious long-distance plan like Working Assets. Join online communities like, a networking site for green hipsters. Since you can have lung problems, combat indoor air pollution by installing houseplants that breathe in harmful toxins.  

Cancer-You love to eat, Cancer, so get away from industrialized foods that destroy your body and the environment. Shop at farmer’s markets, grow a little backyard vegetable garden or start a family farm. Teach your children to recycle by setting a good example. Green your home with a low-flush toilet or compact fluorescent light bulbs. And, keep it pesticide-free — halt ant traffic with a line of cayenne pepper, and polish your furniture with a blend of olive oil and lemon juice. 

Leo-You love the high life, Leo. But it takes as much fossil fuel to manufacture that snazzy new car as it will burn in its entire lifetime, so buy used or go with a hybrid. Use your leadership skills to plan a march to push Congress to curb emissions. Attend music festivals sponsored by green-minded orgs like Global Inheritance. Pamper your baby face with natural skin care products that don’t pollute your pores or the environment. Give green gifts, like those from Oxfam America. 

Virgo-You’re a purist, Virgo, so use homemade cleaning products like diluted vinegar for streak-free mirrors, baking soda to scrub the toilet or a banana peel to polish your leather shoes. Feed your pets organic food. Buy locally grown produce, which saves on long-distance trucking fuel. Better yet, grow your own food and compost the remains, or join a neighborhood co-op garden. Cater to your fastidious nature while camping with a portable, environmental toilet.

Libra-Become a conscious entertainer, Libra. Use compostable party ware and serve organic wine and cheese. Go from toxic, Teflon-coated aluminum pans to stainless steel in your kitchen, and use energy-efficient light bulbs. Share one car with your spouse. Wear the latest fashions in natural fabrics like hemp, cotton and raw silk. Buy gorgeous, organic cotton bedding like Gaiam’s, sustainably made by Indian villagers.  

Scorpio-Be a secret agent of compassionate change, Scorpio. If you’re an architect, design partially underground homes that save on heating and cooling bills. Or, become a tuned-in technician creating wilderness corridors for endangered species, or a midwife birthing babies naturally. If you’re new to green consciousness, recycling your plastic bags and water bottles is a good place to start. Or, use your research skills to write letters to the editor to demand change.

Sagittarius- Green your traveler’s lifestyle, Sagittarius, by vacationing locally — the farther you fly or drive, the more carbon dioxide emissions are produced. You can even camp sustainably with the latest solar oven, hemp backpack and solar cell phone charger. Or, go solar at the homestead by producing your own energy with photovoltaics or wind turbines. Not only will you slash your heating and cooling bills, but you may even be able to sell energy back to the utility company!

Capricorn-To reduce the ecological imprint of your business, Capricorn, teleconference rather than meet in person. Fill your home with the antiques you prize instead of furniture made from endangered tropical woods. Make sure your house is super-insulated, and buy more efficient windows and appliances. Use natural earth plaster and paints on your walls. And, switch to organic chicken and beef for the well being of yourself and the planet. 

Aquarius- Make the most of your community-minded nature by sharing rides with friends. Or plant trees in urban areas (a mature tree can absorb roughly 49 pounds of CO2 a year). Join a group like, which organizes rallies and walkathons to demand action on global warming. Do research on to find a green yoga studio or sustainable-harvested bamboo flooring. Or, make a radical lifestyle change by moving to a yurt.

Pisces-You’re extra sensitive to contaminants, Pisces. Be sure to use natural disinfectants in your pond, pool or hot tub. And, make your home as green as possible: Use crystal salt lamps to purify the atmosphere and shower filters to prevent toxins from entering your system. Eat only organic fruits and vegetables, and use herbal remedies instead of prescription drugs when possible. Water is your element, so support local efforts to clean up oceans and streams.

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