How Red Raiders show their Breast Cancer Awareness

As many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The Uniontown Red Raiders always do something special to show their awareness of this horrible disease.  As for me personally, I show my awareness by wearing as much pink clothing as possible and letting my fellow student know about this month of awareness as well as the disease itself.  For the Football team they are all wearing matching pink Breast Cancer socks for the remainder of the season.  The cheerleaders also partake in the awareness by wearing pink socks as well as pink bows and even pink pom poms.

This month is a very tough month for me personally because I have witnessed first hand what Breast Cancer can do to someone as well as someone’s entire family.  My mother unfortunately lost her battle to breast cancer last year ironically in the month of October.  Many of the athletes are unaware of why they wear pink and I’d like to change that and raise awareness of the disease and help support the funding to find a cure not just for breast cancer, but for any type of cancer. No one should have to the horrific damage that cancer brings to people and their families.

So if you haven’t already bust out your pink attire and help raise awareness for Breast Cancer for the month of October.  Whether it be a shirt, a wristband, a headband, even if it’s just pink face paint that you wear to a sporting event.  Any way you can help raise awareness helps so please don’t be shy and show off your pink gear.  You may not know it but by wearing pink you’re raising awareness for a much greater cause.  And it’s not just for the month of October, you can raise awareness year round so don’t be afraid to bust out the pink tie at the Family Christmas dinner.

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