How To Prepare for Keystones

Keystones are just around the corner. Keystones can be stressful because they are a graduation requirement. Here are some things to prepare you for Keystones.

Most teachers will go over the things you learned or will provide a packet to practice.  Ask for help before the test on a problem or question that you don’t understand. Practice and study at home. When taking keystones stay positive. The night before get a good night’s rest. That morning wake up early and allow enough time to eat a healthy breakfast.

Make sure you are prepared, have everything ready to go. Some students will experience anxiety during the exam no matter what they do to prepare.  Take a moment to stretch and do mini-meditations to calm your nerves.

Taking and passing Pennsylvania Keystone  Exams  are very important. The dates of keystones are:

  • Algebra: May 14th & 15
  • Literature: May 16 & 17
  • Biology: May 18 & 21

Good luck to the students taking Keystones this Spring!

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