If You Could Place 2020 in a Time Capsule?

We asked people what item they would put in a time capsule to describe 2020. As you can probably guess the main three answers were a mask, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. What item would you put in it and why?

Someone said that they would put a stop watch into the capsule. “Our days got mixed and our hope for the future depended on time. We had nothing but ourselves to carry us through the pandemic. 2020 showed us all how valuable time is with your loved ones and friends. Everyday we took for granted of the time we have, but in 2020 we all got a reality check. That stop watch, that clock, was determining our fate right before our eyes and no one was there to warn us.”

Someone else said that they would put a picture of their two dear friends that passed away. “If you have the chance to hangout with one of your friends or if they call you, answer. Life is too short, and we usually take it for granted. We don’t realize how short someone’s life actually is, and how little of time we get to spend together with them.”

Another person said that they would put a rainbow poster that they hung up in the window during the first couple of weeks during COVID-19 to show hope and unity. “Eventually the poster came down as we realized there was going to be no easy fix or imminent vaccine, and the unity among humans seemed even more futile. The poster represents the many feelings we and others had through the year, hope and good at times, and despair at others.”

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