Improved Student Parking Lot

You may have noticed that the student parking lot has been improved over the summer months.  The fence that divided the first lot near the Fayette street entrance have been removed and lines were added for parking spaces.  This has improved the safety of our student driver.

When the lot didn’t have lines it was a disaster,  There were days when it was crowded and everyone was squeezed in.  Many cars were blocking others where and they couldn’t get out.  This caused frustration that they either couldn’t find a parking spot or they couldn’t get out at the end of the day.  Now that problem is gone and with the lines everyone has the opportunity to have a parking space and after school they are no longer blocked in.

The parking lot lines have really made everyone happy and not only that it makes the parking lot look a lot nicer then what it looked like previously.  We talked to a few students who use the student parking lot and here is what they had to say. ”I’m glad that there are lines now.”-Nicole Bevard. ”It’s better because we have spaces now and are able to open doors without blocking anyone in.” -Kayla Ringer. Unfortunately there was a minor fender bender on the first day of school, ”Even though what happened to me was unfortunate we can now see where the available spaces are.” -Zoe Shaw.


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