Mrs. Gadd’s Retirement

This year Pamela Gadd has chosen to retire from teaching. Her years teaching here at UHS are greatly appreciated. It all started back when she went to high school at Connellsville Area High School. After graduating she went to college to further her learning. She attended West Virginia University, University of Tennessee, and California University. After finishing at California, she started teaching at Uniontown for all 30 years of teaching.

Pamela had not always wanted to be a teacher. She never really knew what she wanted to do, but when teaching popped up, she pursued that path. Mrs. Gadd has this one memory that beats all other memories. There was a water fountain that used to be broken and they never fixed it, but one day she put up a sign about how the fountain was now a sensored fountain and it was fixed. But little did the kids know that that was a joke. So when kids would pass and try to get a drink, they would be waving their hands all around the fountain and nothing would come out, and Mr. Gadd would watch around the corner every time. ” They would stand therefor 20 minutes trying to get water, but nothing would come out.” She thought that was the funniest thing that has ever happened to her at school.

Mrs. Gadd looks forward to a new change in her retirement days, she would like to have many adventures now that she has time to do anything. For years Pamela has been the sponsor for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS). She became the sponsor by inheritance from biology teacher Mrs. Lowden. Mrs. Gadd enjoyed it very much and will miss it, she had a great time seeing the students compete and enjoy doing science projects. Mrs. Gadd will be missed very much, and good luck to her in her retirement days.

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