Inside the Classroom: Drafting and Design

Draft and Design is a simple course. Its extremely important if you want to be an architect or a designer. If you are going to college for engineering or architecture this is a great background class. It is also a great way to get better at measuring and reading measurements.

In this class you learn how to use a T-Square, drafting scale, a transparent triangle, a compass and a circle template. The T-Square is pretty much what the name says. The T has a lip and follows along the side of the table it is used for straight horizontal lines. A scale is like a ruler but has a blank space before the number 0 and after 12 for more accurate measurements.  It has 6 different measuring tools. We are using the 16th of an inch scale. The transparent triangle is a triangle that you can see through. It is used for straight vertical lines and angles. A compass and circle template is used for making circles.

Overall I really like the class. After a drawing I like to sit back and think that I made that. I feel the class makes me a more confident person because I can draw things that professionals do.

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