Inside the Classroom: Graphic Design

Graphic design utilizes the Adobe Illustrator software which is used to create vector graphics.  The course is very artistic but you don’t have to be good at drawing or painting. It involves a creative person and endless ways to create and illustrate anything. Graphic design is used a great deal in modern day life.  Think about every item that you purchase and the graphic design on the label or the posters and billboards that you see or road signs that help guide our way.  All of these are examples of graphic design in our everyday world.

One way it is used in the modern day is logos. Every logo is a form of graphic design. We have recently turned our initials into a ligature, which means to tie. We also made landscapes and road signs. We also have made word clouds. We have made transparent text as well.

This class is extraordinarily fun and creative. I really like expressing myself piece by piece through my art and projects in this class. I highly recommend you take this class with Mrs. Marzano!

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