Inside the Classroom: Journalism

Mr. Durso is the Journalism teacher here at Uniontown High School. One project that the students are working on is presenting a film. He has three journalism classes this nine weeks. He selects a small group of three or four students. He gives everyone instructions about the projects. Students have to make a script and film, and you can only have six words per project.

With the six words the small group comes up with, they have to act them out. You only get one day to film your project. Everyone is graded on their performance in the group, not the whole group together. You write the six words on anything you please,it just has to be school appropriate.

In class the day before anyone filmed he showed examples of other classes videos. Most of them were very clever and unique. The longest one he showed was 54 seconds. The shortest film was 19 seconds. Coming up with a catch phrase for the six words is the best part.

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