Inside the Classroom: Spanish Tribute

Senora’s first period class has been working on a project. The class was assigned to make a life size drawing of a character and label all the body parts. One group decided to do something a little extra for the school. Recently, former NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter GiGi passed away in a devastating helicopter crash. The group of five students decided to draw a mural of this legend.

The students started working on this drawing beginning of last week; they hung up the completed drawing yesterday at the very end of first period. They spent several days working on the project. Two of the students even took time out of one of their other class to get it completed in time. The mural is now fully completed with Spanish labels and all. The picture is hanging at the top of the stairs by the Spanish rooms in the 500’s (near the elevator).

When asked why they chose to create this mural; they said ” He was an inspiring man and we wanted to make a tribute to him”. Having such a positive role model displayed in our school helps spread positivity and inspire students to be kind and successful. I think it is a great way to continue his memory and keep his spirit alive.

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