Inside the Classroom: Yearbook

One of the hands on courses that students can take as an elective is the Yearbook class. The instructor is Mr. Gulich. This is a nine week class and runs all year. Since this is only the first nine weeks, the class is starting to format how they want the yearbook to look. They are taking pictures for homecoming court and all the Fall sports that are in season.

This is a very fun class that you need a lot of creativity and patience for. Students use the computer to format pictures and add captions like student names. If you are creative this may be the class for you. You can sign up for the class when you schedule classes.

In this class you get to do many fun things like go in the dark room and develop black and white photographs. Chemicals and water are used to develop the image. Students get to see how a picture turns from nothing to being a black and white picture.


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