Into the Spider-Verse

After Tom Holland’s debut as Marvel’s newest Spider-Man actor, it seem like there was no way to top him. Now maybe there is. Though it not be done in the way most people were expecting. Sony, paired with Marvel has released an animated Spider-Man film focused on the origin story of Miles Morales. The movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is in theaters now. The movie is a includes a mash of everyone’s favorite web slingers such as Miles, Peter Parker, Spider-Women, Peter Porker, and more.

After watching the horrors of Peter Parker turning to dust in Infinity wars, the new movie is certainly a welcome relief. It follows the comics more than the live action movies do which is a pleasant difference for fans. Over all the movie was well received by those who watched.

It had a balance of action and comedy that made it enjoyable. Of course no super hero movie would be complete without a moment of realization and a leap of faith, and this movie did not disappoint. The characters were fun and made it easy to get into the action. The only complaint would be how short it is.  With being only about two hours long, it’s a lot shorter than the other Marvel movies.

If you have a chance, you have to go see Into the Spider-Verse. And like all Marvel movies, don’t forget to stay to the end of the credits.

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