Iowa Caucus

As some might know, the Iowa Caucus took place yesterday, February 2nd. For those of you who don’t know what the Iowa Caucus is, your not alone. Many Americans have no clue what it means either. The Iowa Caucus is the first voting session for the presidential race of the year, which launches the race for the White House for our candidates. As you can probably tell, it is held in Iowa. They do get the primary election season stared, but its not considered a primary election. The Democrats and Republics hoping to make a run for president later in year show up and campaign. Then around 7 p.m. the voting starts, the votes are counted, and finally a winner from the Democrats is announced, as well as a winner from the Republican side. That’s basically what the Iowa Caucus is.

This year, Tom Cruz won the Republic voting, upsetting Donald Trump and his supporters. Trump was a sure shoe in for winner of this race. Cruz gained 27.6% of the votes, while Trump only managed to gain 24.3% of the voters votes. In third place we had Marco Rubio. He had received 23.1% of the votes of all people who had voted. It was a huge shocker to the people of the United States to find out that Donald Trump was beaten in this election. He led a majority of nation wide polls having to do with the caucus. He had a sure confidence in himself, that he would pull away with the win in this election, but he came up short to his and many others surprise.

The Democrat that won this year was Hillary Clinton. This side of the election was extremely close! Hillary received 44.9% of the votes, while her runner up Bernie Sanders received 44.6%. This election defiantly came down to the wire. Hillary Clinton was expected to win this race by a landslide. However, that wasn’t the case. People may have recently been persuaded to vote for Clinton after she recently backed ObamaCare over Sanders universal heath care proposition.

This years Caucus wasn’t what most people expected. How did you think the caucus was going to be played out? Where you right? This is the first step in the race to presidency.

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