Jobs – Where are Students Working?

As we grow older we come to realize that we need money for our daily needs. Having a job as a high school student can teach us the importance of budgeting and financing the money we have. Either investing it, keeping it in a safe place, or spending it for family and friends. Having a job is very good and important but, it can require a lot of responsibilities too. First step in getting a job is finding places where they’re hiring and if they would like to offer you the job or not. Then, once you become an employee you will have to follow many rules and the responsibilities coming with it.

Some of these responsibilities are :

  1. Communication Skills, Communicate Expectations. ex. talking to your coworkers, customers, and your boss.
  2. Must be held Accountable for completing work tasks throughout the day.
  3. Being on time for your shift.
  4. Have a positive attitude.
  5. Try avoid making a lot of mistakes. But, simply mistakes are where you learn from them.

    Jobs where High School Students are working :

    – Babysitter
    – Tutor
    – Fast Food / Restaurant. ex, McDonald’s, DQ, Burger King, Starbucks, Texas Road House, etc.
    – Uniontown Mall retail stores
    – Delivery Driver
    – Pet Sitter / Dog Walker
    – Yard Work
    – Server
    – Walmart
    – Target

As you can see from above, there is a lot of places to work at. These including all nearby places around your area. We guarantee that there is a lot of good jobs for where High School student are working. Having a job gives us students our own money and can help us understand the true value of a dollar. Without a job, teenagers rely on other people’s money later, using it as an advantage and thinking money grows on trees. Also, while being in High School, it can help give a fresh start for the future and having some extra cash to spend as well.

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