Jonas Brothers Reunion

On February 28, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas announced that they’d be releasing their first song since taking their 2013 hiatus. The boys posted on each of their separate Instagram accounts and then reactivated their shared one and made the same posts. This announcement has completely broken the internet.

Their new song, “Sucker,” was released Friday morning at 12 a.m. It follows their same pop rock style that they’ve had since the early 2000s. Although they just announced their reunion, they have already regained their popularity through the music video and multiple segments on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

Entertainment reports say that they’re planning to go by “Jonas” rather than the original name, “The Jonas Brothers.” In the end, we can all thank this six year hiatus for bringing them back stronger and closer brothers than before, ready to make new and exciting music.

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