Julius Caesar with Mrs. Ritenour

The name “Shakespeare” strikes fear into the heart of every high school student. The 10th grade Honors English class with Mrs. Ritenour are reading Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. This is the story of how one of Romes greatest leaders was assassinated on what he thought would be the defining moment of his life. Instead of his life, the assassination would become the defining moment of Roman history, directly leading to the founding of the Roman Empire.

The basic plot of the story is, after Pompey’s defeat at the hands of Caesar (played by Mariah Fitzpatrick), Cassius, a Roman senator (played by Brody Smith) convinces Brutus (played by Abby Stevenson) that Caesar isn’t, in fact a Roman hero, but instead a tyrant who as soon as he is crowned king will abuse his power. They team up with a few other senators and kill Caesar in the senate, where Caesar utters this famous line upon seeing Brutus is among the conspirators, “Et tu, Brute?” Which means “And you, Brutus?”

After Caesars death, Brutus gives a speech at Caesars funeral that is soon over shadowed by Mark Antony, another close friend of Caesar’s who was not apart of the conspiracy (played by Evelyn Kitelinger) starts his speech off with another iconic line, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.” After his legendary speech, the people of Rome began to riot and hunt after the conspirators. We can’t spoil anymore for you so, put your preconceived notions aside and give it a read.

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