Junior Academic League Undefeated

The Uniontown Junior Academic League went undefeated with a quiz bowl win. The group of seventh & eighth students won the Tri-County Junior Academic League Championship. The competitions where held in October through November, the meeting places were at Penn state Fayette, The Eberly Campus. The quiz bowl consisted of nine different teams from Fayette, Greene and Washington counties. The Junior Academic team went undefeated in this competition.

During these competitions the students had to answer many different trivia questions. The questions came from the subjects of: science, literature, sports, arts, and mathematics. The students would be able to answer by being the first to ring the buzzer. the teams would some times have to work together to come up with an answer to the questions. The teams that they competed against were from Brownsville, Albert Gallatin, Carmichaels, Jefferson-Morgan, Laurel Highlands, Southeastern Greene, Central Greene and West Greene school districts.

Leslie Yarish is the gifted program teacher for the Uniontown area district, she is also their coach. Yarish has been with the Uniontown school district for seven years and she said that it is the first recorded win from the Uniontown Junior Academic League since she has been there. The students then lead to be completely undefeated. The first ever in the history of Uniontown Junior Academic League. The students that made all of this happen are Jade Campbell, Molly Killinger, Mya Murray, Abigail White, Bridget White and Dynasti Willis these six are from Benjamin Franklin Middle school, Malea Curry and Nolan Ranker These two are from Lafayette Middle school, and from A.J. McMullen Middle School their are Alyssa Holt who is captain of the team, Cody Lowden, and Anthony Reno.

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