Just Wanted to Let “U” Know

Do you have a positive message or story you’d like to tell? The “Just Wanted to Let ‘U” Know” video project would be perfect for you.  I created the “Just Wanted to Let ‘U’ Know” project as a way to shed positive light in the negative world we live in. Riots and protests have been popping up throughout the United States in retaliation against our president-elect, Donald Trump and of those who supported Hillary Clinton.  Millions of Americans are fearful for their future in the states as well as for the future generations to come. This project will promote a positive and loving effect in our community by showing everyone they are not alone no matter what kind of situation they are placed in. Any student or faculty member who participates will have their picture taken and the message they want to pass on will be written on their hands; participants hands will be held out in a “U” form. Not only will we be making a difference, we will be expressing our school spirit as well.

Students and faculty that are interested can sign up in room 125, starting today, November 18,2016 until January 8th,2017. Let’s show our Raider pride and make a difference.


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