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On Friday, August 16th, 2019 a fundraising event was held to raise funds for a drug dog at Uniontown Area High School. This event was started by Uniontown High School student who is a senior at the school. Her name is Mckayla Swaney and she, with the help of others in her community, stepped up to help.

This event was a bingo fundraiser called “Cha-Chingo Bingo and was held at the Farmington Fire Hall. This event brought in enough money to help send the dog named “Kilo” to his training school to begin his duties for this school. This event was supported by members of the class of 2020 including Bailey Johnson, Maggie Thompson, Alyssa Holt, and Alex Eitner. During the next upcoming months Kilo will work with his trainer to learn how to detect drugs around the school.

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