Keystone Testing Tips

With the Keystone’s rapidly approaching, a lot of people are wondering how they can easily pass and get done. While you can’t exactly “study” for them, you can take some measures to make them a little easier!

First and foremost, always be sure to get enough sleep the night before. Also, no matter what, always listen to all of the instructions closely. TAKE YOUR TIME! Read the entire article once and then go back and read it again, if need be. Read all questions carefully and closely, and NEVER leave a blank answer. Always guess only on the ones you don’t know, because you have a 25% chance of guessing correctly.

Just relax, take your time, and don’t sweat it. Good luck! Keystone tests are as followed:
Math-Monday and Tuesday, January 8th and 9th
Literature-Wednesday and Thursday, January 10th and 11th
Biology-Friday and Tuesday, January 12th and 16th

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