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Aries- They are the fire sign; ruled by Mars. They are courageous, energetic, willful, commanding leading. Often leads when following would be best course of action. Aries always loves a challenge and showing off abilities. Thet are a fire sign: very warm, bright and vital. Upside is that they can work long hours on a single project with no problems. Downside is Aries have tunnel vision when working on a project which can make them seem selfish,

Taurus- they are the earth sign; ruled by Venus. They love being in control, dependable and you are highly sensual in nature. They are slow to anger, but once disturbed it can be volatile. They struggle to commit to anything like deciding where to eat. Upside is that if they start something you always finish it. They are deliberate thinkers and when making decisions usually make the right one. Downside is Taurus can be stubborn about ideas that they’ve adopted, which can also make them difficult to get along with when attempting to cooperate on a shared project.

Gemini- They are the air sign; ruled by Mercury.  They are chatty, loves learning and education, charming and adventurous. They barely like doing anything alone. They never happier than when they are sharing ideas and concepts with someone else. Curiosity is a key characteristic of this sign, and they are people persons. Being an air sign you have very light, airy personalities, with an effervescence that seems to draw people to them.  Upside is Gemini are great conversationalists, and are charming people. Interesting to speak with, Gemini know a little bit about a lot of things. Downside Gemini like to be the center of attention; always. When they perceive the situation to not be in their favor, they leave it. This can include relationships, careers, and friendships.

Cancer- They are the water sign; ruled by the Moon. They are emotional, group orientated, you seek security and family.  The typical cancer person is all about home and family and is very dedicated and loyal to friends and family. Brave, courageous, protective, all describe the best possible traits of this sign. Cancer is a water sign which means that they have a deep, mysterious side to them that can also be gentle and nurturing. Upside Cancer have an offbeat sense of humor, often finding something humorous that others don’t. They are extremely good listeners and have a heart for problems of others. Downside this sign can be moody, clingy and can often become incredibly insecure if they feel that they are about to lose the friendship or love of someone close to them.

Leo- They are the fire sign; ruled by the Sun. You are generous, protective and beautiful. Leo’s know that they are in charge, even when it may seem outwardly that they are not. Leo signs tend to like relaxation, preferably someplace warm and comfortable. They are natural leaders and don’t often do well in situations where they have to take orders from others. Leo is a fire sign which means they are warm, bright individuals that use that energy and warmth to draw people to them. Upside is that a Leo tend to be honest and decent people, opting to do the right thing regardless of the situation. They love organization so that they can find their ‘things’.  Downside is that a Leo have a great sense of self-worth which can cross the line into arrogance.

Virgo- They are the earth sign; ruled by Mercury. They are particular, logical, practical and critical.  Virgo don’t mind being alone as long as they know that they are appreciated and needed. Virgo people are mild mannered on the surface, but underneath there is a flurry of activity. Their minds are never quiet; always thinking, calculating, assessing. They do not tend to be loud or bossy. Upside is that they are kind, patient and love to laugh. They are not loud ‘look at me’ signs, but rather prefer to be the strong, silent type. Downside is that they can also be judgmental and critical of those that they feel are not living up to their potential, or are going about a project in an inefficient way.

Libra- They are the air sign; ruled by Venus. They are balanced, seeks beauty, and has a sense of justice. Libra sign can sometimes seem wishy-wash when they are asked to make a decision. However, rest assured, that when a Libra makes up their mind the decision is likely to be the best win/win for all involved; benefiting the most people. They don’t like seeing people unhappy. Upside is that they have a sense of fair play about them and become completely upset if they perceive that something is unfair or unjust. Downside is that they take so long to make decisions it can be perceived as laziness, or absent- mindedness.

Scorpio- They are the water sign; ruled by Pluto. They are passionate, exacting, loves extremes, combative, and reflective. The Scorpio person is not necessarily aggressive on its own, unless provoked and in general would rather be contemplative. They crave alone time and often become extremely annoyed when they don’t get it. Scorpio signs are not fearful individuals, often trying things that others would not attempt. Upside is that they exhibit extreme self-control in many areas, and as a result expect that of those around them, they are disciplined, protective and are very interested in others. Downside is that once a Scorpio is crossed, they don’t forget it.

Sagittarius- They are the fire sign; ruled by Jupiter. They are happy, absent minded, creative and adventurous.  Those born under this sign will love travelling, discovering new things, meeting new people, and learning new things. Sagittarians crave the freedom of the open road, both metaphorically and physically. They are most unhappy when they are tied to a normal routine and can become restless in situations where there is not enough variety involved. Upside is that they are highly intelligent and love to be around intelligent people. They enjoy learning new things, traveling to new places, and experiencing unique adventures. Downside is that they are not allowing for ample space to roam will make this sign rude, and uncooperative. Sagittarians often come up with unrealistic, big plans, but lack the ability to follow through with them.

Capricorn- They are the earth sign; ruled by Saturn. They are timeless, driven, calculating, and ambitious.  Capricorn people are the type that are goal oriented and driven to succeed despite all odds. They will work long and hard hours toward a purposeful goal. Achievement is everything to a Capricorn. For this reason they tend to take life very seriously and are not tolerant of those who do not. Upside is that they are the superheroes when It comes to making realistic, logical decisions. Downside is that they are so dedicated to the big picture and the minute details, they can seem dull to others, who don’t understand the active internal nature of the Capricorn.

Aquarius- They are the earth sign; ruled by Uranus. They forward think, they are very communicative, people orientated, stubborn, generous, and dedicated. They are interested and have a deep concern for the welfare of others. They never know a stranger and are generally loved by all around them. Fascinated by all things gadget, many Aquarians enjoy tinkering with inventions and processes. Upside is that they are among the friendliest of the signs, making friends everywhere. Highly intelligent they are energetic and talented, often using their abilities to help others. Downside is if this sign does not have alone time and time to do much desired reflection, they become dour, emotionless, and even are prone to depressive interludes.

Pisces- They are the water sign; ruled by Neptune. They are likable, energetic, sensible and passionate. Pisces tend to be daydreamers, often dreaming up brilliant ideas and plans which they are unable to facilitate themselves. They are tremendously dedicated individuals, staying with companies for decades where others move from one job to the next. Upside  Pisces are empathetic people, often feeling badly for someone whose life is not going well. They feel the need to reach out to those who are less fortunate and will often find themselves involved in drama that they hadn’t intended. Downside hey will worry that they are not worrying. This tendency to worry also leads to indecision on their part, fearing that if they make a decision that others disagree with that they will have upset someone.

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