Life as a Student at UHS: Football Life

A day in the life of UHS football players is pretty tiring. All summer long the players practice, and all season they work just as hard. So let’s get started on a day in the life as an UHS football player!

First, the players have to wake up for school just like everyone else. They get to school and start their day, they go to classes, and sit through lunch. After school is when it gets tough. They get ready for practice, put on their pants and pads, then head out to the field. Defense day is when the players get crazy, most of the time constantly getting hit over and over. The players have a soft spot in their hearts for the poor scout team that goes against the first team defense. After the players get done with running the plays, conditioning comes rolling in. The players say, “It is the worst part of practice hands down.”

Later in the evening after practice players have to do homework, go to work, or whatever else they have going on in their lives. Being a student athlete is pretty tiring and hard, but most people say it is one hundred percent worth it.

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