“Little Shop of Horrors” Auditions and Casting Information

For Uniontown Area High School’s annual spring musical this year students are performing the Broadway original musical “Little Shop of Horrors.” It originally made its debut on Broadway on October 2, 2003, and since then has been performed in theaters across the country.

To audition for the musical students had to perform one of the many songs given to them from the production- those being anywhere from ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ to ‘Dentist!’- and must perform the choreography from the song ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’ Students had the opportunity to attend practice for the audition on either Tuesday the 10th or Wednesday the 11th of December. Final auditions were held Thursday the 12th of December.

Though auditions were rough, students pushed through the many struggles they faced, and came out on top! This production will be the last for many of our senior performers, so be sure to wish them the best as they head into the practice season. Casting information is listed below:

Seymour- Cooper Waligura

Audrey- Claire White

Chiffon- Stephanie Polando

Ronette- Riley Miller

Crystal- Andrea Gurtner

Orin- Dusty Plume

Mushnik- Wyatt Plume

Audrey II (voice)- Brody Smith

Audrey II (body)- Jaekwan Walters

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