Look back on the 2020 LPGA season

Without a doubt, this year was a year like no other for the LPGA. In order to have a season for the LPGA, everyone had to work together to come up with creative ideas to keep everyone safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The first precaution that the LPGA took was banning fans to attend events. In order to keep the players, and staff members safe, everyone attending an event was required to test negative for COVID-19 before stepping on the property of the event. If a LPGA player were to test positive for COVID-19, she was forced to withdraw from the event.

The LPGA kicked off there season in January 2020. Then, once COVID-19 hit the nation, the LPGA was unable to resume there season until August. Many players had high expectations for themselves given that they had four months off to master the skills needed to play golf at the highest level. Once the LPGA got the green light to continue there season, the players could not wait to get started. The LPGA resumed there 2020 golf season at Inverness Club in Toledo Ohio, the first week of August. Every single player was determined to play at the best of there ability. Danielle Kang did just that. Then, Danielle Kang was determined to do the unthinkable and win for the second time in a row. It wasn’t easy, but she won the Maratho Classic right down the road at Highland Meadows Golf Club in Sylvania Ohio, a week after her first win of the 2020 LPGA season.

In order to conclude the 2020 LPGA season, events had to be played through the fall, and into the winter months. That put a unique twist on the 2020 LPGA season. Officials had to come up with ideas in order to host events with limited daylight. This was especially important when the U.S. Women’s Open was rescheduled to December. In order to not limit the number of players in this event because of the limited daylight , officials came up with the idea to play the championship on two golf courses. Half of the field would play the Jackrabbit Course and the other half would play the Cypress Creek Course on the first day, and then they will switch courses on the second day. The final two rounds of the championship would be played on the Cypress Creek Course at Champions Golf Club. This created a unique challenge given that this was the first time that an LPGA player had to learn two different golf courses in one week. A Lim Kim was able to push through the adversity and win the 75th U.S. Women’s Championship. The 2020 LPGA season is undeniably one for the history books!

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