M.A.C.? You may be wondering what M.A.C. stands for Making A Change. The program is mentored by Mrs. Chantla Stokes-Colon and Miss. Tina Tucker. Making A Change is a mentoring program that is offered to any female student enrolled at UHS. M.A.C. is a program provides help to our community and also helps girls in need. The MAC Girls have contributed their time to help out many people in their community and society. The M.A.C. institution has inspired so many people that now the program would like to start in other schools. Making A Change is currently only offered at Uniontown High School. M.A.C. has changed so many thoughts for many of the participants. For example we are working out of a Literacy Based Curriculum called ”Sparks Fly”.

It is written by a well-known author who almost gave hope on getting this curriculum to the public until a relationship with M.A.C. was established. The M.A.C. program, mentors and participants inspired him to change his mind and move forward with making his dream a reality. When the author goes live he would like to show appreciation to the M.A.C. program with telling everyone that we helped him not give upon his dream. The Making A Change-M.A.C. afterschool of its participants. this is why strongly suggest that any female student should join and become responsible for learning how to make a change in their life.

If your ever interested in the Making A Change group some member of the groups are RyLiah Lewis, Myknee Ray, Mylaysia Ellis, Sha’Maurie Mosley, Rhian Ray, Abigail Marinucci, Charli Sublett,and Keyshawna Lee. These girls will help explain more information about the group. Also if your wonder what days M.A.C is on, it is help on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thanks for reading hope you join soon.

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