Makeup Trends 2016

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 begins, many new doors of opportunity are being opened and may new trends are being put to the test. Here are a few of the upcoming beauty trends of 2016.

Red Lips

Red lips have always been a classic, but this year they will be making more of an appearance. The most popular color will be a true red apple color.

Glitter Eyelids

Recently, everyone has been putting glitter on everything. Eyes are no exception as glittery eyelids and makeup looks begin to become more popular this year. As glitter becomes more popular, companies are also coming out with variations of “glitter glue” to help the glitter stick to the lid for a long period of time as well.

Smudged-Out Wings

Eyeliner has always been popular, and so has winging out the eyeliner. In 2016, people will be experimenting with smudged looking wings, which are still beautiful but look a little more natural because the line isn’t as sharp and bold. This look can be achieved by taking an eyeliner brush with very little product and placing it very carefully where someone wants their wing to be. After placing the small amount of product, they can go back in with a clean brush and smudge it until they achieve the look they want.

Thicker Brows

This year, many people are going bigger and better with their brows. Fuller, more feathery looks are taking over and pushing the classic thinner brow aside. Also, people will be leaving a few hairs sticking up at the beginning of the brow to give more of a “no-makeup” makeup look and a more youthful look as well.


Recently, “baking” has become a huge trend in the beauty world and it’s here to stay for a while. People use this technique to help bake their foundation or concealer for a more flawless finish. “Baking” simply requires placing powder where people really want to set their foundation and concealer, and leaving the powder sit for a few minutes before dusting away the excess.


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