Making a Difference: Josh Radovich

Josh Radovich, a freshman student at Uniontown Area High School, is making a great impact on the world. Josh conducted a fundraiser to purchase smoke detectors. The smoke detectors were for Menallen, Franklin, Ben Franklin and Lafayette elementary students. Each student will get their own smoke detector to take home.

To start raising money, Josh’s cousin uploaded a Facebook post for his cause. The post explained exactly what the donations were for. He originally planned on just going to the schools to talk about fire prevention, but ended up raising enough money to purchase them for the schools. Josh purchased the smoke detectors from Scott Electric, which gave him a discount on them. Josh conducted the fund drive in Bill Miller’s name. Bill always purchased every student at Menallen a smoke alarm. He would also distribute batteries for the ones purchased in previous years. Bill is a close family relative to Josh, and a long time fire fighter, who has passed away.

Josh believes that raising this money could help save people’s lives, especially the people who can’t afford to buy them. He said that it had been to long since the kids have received them. Josh raised up to $1,100. In the future he plans on providing detectors for the two mountain schools. What he is doing is a true act of kindness. By donating to Josh’s cause, you could save someone’s life. Any amount of money is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for your help to make the world a better place.

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