March 10 – 17 Horoscope

Aries – Keep your head above water and your eyes in front of you. There will be obstacles ahead you don’t expect, but nothing you won’t be able to handle if you keep watching.

Taurus – Don’t get carried away with distractions. You have tasks you need to do, and though you usually stay focused and make sure you get these responsibilities done, you may be getting caught by small things that you don’t truly need to focus on.

Gemini – Your compulsiveness will be your saving grace this week, so now is the time to trust yourself and your intuition. It would lead you to something wonderful that you will have to watch carefully for.

Cancer – Be willing to take the world in open arms once in a while. Not everything is trying to hurt you, and this week may be the bets time to practice being open again.

Leo – Breathe in, breathe out. There may be tasks you feel overwhelmed by, but don’t let things get too ahead of you. Procrastination is only a temporary relief from stresses that aren’t if you don’t take care of them.

Virgo – Be willing to help those around you, but don’t let it take up more of your time than you genuinely have to give. Take some time to make sure to get your own week in order.

Libra – Life moves forward with or without you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get things done in the meantime. You have the strength to get big things done this week. Don’t waste it.

Scorpio – The pull to slack off this week will be strong, but don’t let it. Ask friends to help if you truly need it, and most likely ask Libra, as they will be motivated this week.

Sagittarius – Take some time to smell the roses, but don’t forget to take a rose to remember how wonderful it smells. You will encounter something wonderful this week- it may slide out of reach if you’re not careful.

Capricorn – You are working towards big things. You may have things get in your way later in the week, but there’s no sense on dwelling on spilled milk. See if you can figure out your path by Tuesday.

Aquarius – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, though the beholder lies to the face of beauty. Don’t let the words of others affect you too horribly. You’re doing wonderful in something dear to you, leaving others jealous of your skill.

Pisces – Trust Gemini. They want to do something creative this week and will likely need help, to which you are the only one who can properly provide it.

Tarot of the Week:

The Hermit (reversed) –
(keywords: Loneliness, Isolation, Lost Direction )

Friends and visions of the future have been tossed aside this week in favor of goals and possibilities, which is harming you more than it is helping you. Take the time to balance social interactions with the importance of life around you for a steadier mind and heart. There are those you may have left behind and almost forgot about, though they are exactly who you need now, as you search for your path on the edge of isolation.

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