March 29 Red Cross Blood Drive at UHS

On March 29th, Uniontown Area High School will be hosting a Red Cross blood drive during school hours to get blood donations for the purpose of saving lives. A single blood donation is enough to save about 3 lives, so they are trying to get as many donors as possible to be able to save even more people than they would have been able to without this blood drive. Volunteers are also needed to be able to monitor donors post-donation, and to help walk them back to class once they recover.

To sign up, forums are in the guidance office and at the usual table in the cafeteria entrance. You must be 16, be of a healthy weight, and be able to provide a suitable ID with your date of birth on it by the time you are being reviewed before blood donation. If you are willing to get others to sign up, the individual who gets the most donors willing to donate blood (and provide proof by a list of names or their forums with your name attached) will get a gift card. The donation process takes only around an hour from start to recovery, so you may only miss only one class from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I donate if I take medications?
A: For most medications, you’re able to! There’s usually not a problem, but if there is one, a member of Red Cross’s donor screening team will see it before you donate.

Q: If I participate in sports, can I donate blood?
A: When you donate blood, your body will need about 24 hours to recover all of the lost fluid. You should not participate in physical activity during this time. However, most coaches and captains understand that you need to rest, so this time could likely be used as a break.

Q: I don’t like needles, how could I donate blood?
A: You’re welcome to close your eyes during the process, and drinking lots of fluid through the day makes the pinch hurt much less than the little bit it would have regardless. Even if you’re afraid, the Red Cross encourages you to donate for the sake of the individuals your blood will save.

If you have any other questions, please call 1-866-236-3276 or visit

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