March Madness and You

What exactly is the Madness of March you may ask? If you’re like me then you have a concept that it’s a big basketball tournament hosted by the NCAA between colleges all over the country and it takes place in March however, it’s more than you think. March Madness is a one-and-done tournament which means if you lose you’re done for the tournament. The teams are organized into 4 regions across America, East, West, South, and Midwest and 16 teams are put into a “seed”.  A seed is a ranking among the other teams 1 being the best, 16 being the worst in the region. The first 4 days of the tournament are only rounds and by the end of the second day only 16 teams will be remaining and this is called the “Sweet Sixteen”. The next round is the quarter-finals where the 16 teams play and only 8 teams will move on to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals the competition gets exciting as only 2 teams will make it into the finals and all 4 teams want to win.

Making brackets are a big part of the event. People everywhere  A Bracket is like betting on a race horse. Just more steps and complex. To make a bracket you have to predict which teams will win, which teams will lose, and which teams move on or get their trip cut short.

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