Mario Cart 8 Deluxe Game Review

Mario cart is a racing game that features many different Nintendo characters but mainly Mario and friends. There are many different characters to choose from and they all effect you speed and your weight. Depending on who you pick you can also change all of your stats by picking a new car or a new glider. It is very good to try different combinations. Just to get that extra edge on the competition.

You can play online and by yourself. The online play is very fun and it is very challenging you can play and beat all your friends if your good enough. There is also different speeds and they are like difficulty’s in the game like 50cc which is the easiest. But there is also 200cc which is hard. And there are a lot of different maps.

The maps are all unique and different. They have many different things that make them different like different obstacles. And you can go underwater and on walls. There are short maps like baby park where there’s many laps and there are long maps like rainbow road. The game is very unique and very fun to play for a long time.

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